How we got the Bible

The Bible is an outstanding book whatever way you look at it. It is an ancient document that is still read every day by billions of people. It is an excellent collection of literary styles and genres. It addresses timeless issues that are still relevant to a modern society?

So, how did come to be in its present form? Who decided what books should be included? Is the Bible we read today, the same as was originally written? Why are there so many translations?

These questions and many more will be addressed in this series of talks by Mervyn Hall of Bicester.

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God has spoken - The Nature of Divine Revelation - 57mb - 50 mins

William Tyndale - To Scatter Darkness by His Light - 49mb - 43 mins

From God to the Manuscript - Inspiration and Inscripturation - 63mb - 54 mins

From the Manuscript to the Page - Transmission and Preservation - 63mb - 55 mins

From the Manuscript to the Canon - Canonisation - 64mb - 56 mins

From Hebrew and Greek to English - Translation - 72mb - 1 hr 03 mins

Martin Luther's Testimony - 25mb - 22 mins